Agreement Reached on Fixing Roads and Bridges

Agreement Reached on Fixing Roads and Bridges

Democratic Congressional leaders say they have reached an agreement with President Trump to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure. Congressional leaders met with the President at the White House on Tuesday.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York called the dollar amount a “very good thing”. He said the President pushed off tough questions about where that money will come from.

Schumer says fellow Democrats told the President the group needs his ideas on funding.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi added that the eventual agreement “will be big and it will be bold”.

Pelosi says they’ve agreed to meet again to discuss how to pay for repairing roads, bridges and other infrastructure around the country.

The nation’s top business groups and labor unions have supported a plan to increase the federal tax, currently 18.3 cents a gallon since it was last raised in 1993.

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